About the Fair

Dhaka International Book Fair (DIBF) is a platform for all book-loving people from across the world. The book fair aims to bridge cultures and create synergies by increasing synergies. With a rich history of intellectual stimulation through book fair including the longest one, Amar Ekushey Book Fair, DIBF is taking it to an international level.

DIBF aims to connect authors, publishers and readers from all over the world. It encourages readers by engaging them with books from all over the world. Authors and publishers get a chance to expose themselves and interact with their readers in a personal level. This stage will allow for the various participant to channel their ideas and the atmosphere will support them to get even more creative. It is a melting pot to brew novel ideas and solve societal challenges.

This is the first year of the fair buy popularity will rise gradually. New authors and readers will be drawn in and their numbers will increase. A new breed of literary and creative thinkers/practitioners will evolve.

Bangladesh has a rich history with books and book fair. The “Amar Ekushey Book Fair” of Bangladesh is the longest in terms of duration- the whole month of february. Since its inceptions in 1972, it hosts seminars and discussions on literature, culture, publications, history and heritage.Renowned national and international artists, writers and intellectuals participate in these programs. Bangla Academy also arranges competitions of music, art, poetry recitation, general knowledge and extempore speech for children in this occasion.

DIBF hopes the fair will engage you, and enlighten you with new ideas, and new friends.